Complicity and collabortionism in Ukraine of 1939-1945: reasons, typical and special demonstrations

Valentyna Shaikan, Andrii Shaikan. Complicity and Collaborationism in Ukraine of 1939-1945: Reasons, Typical and Special Demonstrations: Monograph / Shaikan Valentyna Oleksiyivna, Dc. of Hist. Sciences, professor; Shaikan Andrii Valeriyovych, Dc. of Ec. Sciences, professor / Translated from Ukrainian into English by Korzhova Lyudmyla Sergiyivna, Cand. of Ped. Sciences, assoc. professor of the State University of Economics and Technology (Kryvyi Rih). Recommended to publication by the Scientific Council of the State University of Economics and Technology (Kryvyi Rih), protocol No 5, 28.12.2020. - Prague, 2021.- 644 p.

The authors examined in complex the reasons, the typical and special demonstrations of such difficult appearances-phenomena as complicity and collaborationism on the territory of the Reich Commissariat "Ukraina" and the zone of the military Hitler administration in the years of the Second World War in their work; the problem is investigated on the basis of the significant amount of the poorly-known or the unknown for the researchers archival documents of the Ukrainian archives' storehouses, at the historical-philosophical and social-psychological level; grasping the idea of the complex social processes, the authors tried to define the water-parting between the demonstrations of the spontaneous or the organized population's self-activity of the occupied territories, the conscious, the voluntary and the forced collaboration with the occupants, showed the motivation of the behavior's different models at the individual and group (collective) levels. New is the positing and interpreting of the problem as the strategy of people survival on the extreme conditions of war. The authors made the typology of different demonstrations of collaboration and complicity in dependence on the specific conditions, the character of the occupation regime, the mental and the moral-psychological factors, ect. The reply to such sharp and touchy questions as, in the first turn, the survival strategy of the Ukrainian population during the Hitler occupation, the activity of the military-political structures, the characteristic features and peculiarities of the social-economic, cultural and religious life, the character of the international relations, the activity of the Ukrainian social-political institutions at the beginning of war and others, in the authors' opinion, will help in creation of the objective and complete picture of the Second World War.

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