Effects of pollution and climate change on the ecosystem components

Effects of pollution and climate change on the ecosystem components. Edited by Y. V. Lykholat. Praha: Oktan Print, 2021. - 160 p.

The publication is assigned with a DOI number: 10.46489/EOPACC-1204211

The paper version of the publication is the original version. The publication is available in electronic version on the website: oktanprint.cz/p/effects-of-pollution-and-climate-change

The book contains the study results of the environmental and soil conditions of the transformed territories, the ecological patterns of woody plants natural communities' formation as well as the features of the herbaceous communities' succession in flooded areas. The current state of forest areas is highlighted, the problems of forest management and their exploitation in Ukraine are outlined.

Aspects of anthropogenic impact on natural aquatic ecosystems are shown and various biotesting methods of negative effects are characterized. The relationship between the presence of exogenous biologically active chemical compounds in the environment and damage to the endocrine system of animals has been revealed.

The scientific manuscript is intended for ecologists, specialists interested in environmental management and environmental protection. The book may be useful for graduate students and scientific researchers.

ISBN 978-80-88415-10-7 (Print)

ISBN 978-80-88415-11-4 (E-book)


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