A.T. Tsvigun, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor of the department of production technology of animal husbandry products and canine science of Podilsk State Agrarian and Technical University

V.S. Bomko, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Feed Technology, Feed Additives and Animal Feeding of the Belotserkiv National Agrarian University

M.G. Povoznikov, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, head of the horse breeding and beekeeping department of the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine

The monograph highlights the theoretical aspects of energy and protein nutrition of rabbits and gives practical recommendations for the organization of their standardized nutrition. In particular, the influence of different levels of energy and protein on live weight and growth intensity (absolute, average daily and relative growth), linear measurements (body length and chest girth behind the shoulder blades), slaughter qualities of rabbits depending on age were investigated. Data on the influence of different levels of energy and protein on the digestibility of feed nutrients and nitrogen exchange, morphological and biochemical indicators of blood composition have been expanded.

For researchers, teachers of higher educational institutions of the relevant specialization, graduate students, students, managers and business specialists.

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e-book ISBN 978-80-88415-87-9

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