Modern approaches to business management: theory and practice

Modern approaches to business management: theory and practice: collective monograph / edited by О. Nikolaichuk. Prague: Oktan-Print, 2021. 110 p.

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ISBN 978-80-88415-25-1 (e-book)

The collective monograph is a project of the Department of Technology in Restaurant Industry, Hotel and Restaurant Business and Entrepreneurship ​​of Mykhailo Tuhan-Baranovskyi Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade. Some aspects of business management in modern conditions are considered: formation of production cost of mining and metallurgical enterprises, tendencies and prospects of development of the hospitality industry, quality management of services of hotel enterprises, formation and development of competitive advantages due to interaction of hotel and restaurant establishments. The monograph is targeted at scientists, decision-makers in the field of the development of strategy for the development of business structures in various areas of economic activity, teachers, postgraduates, masters and students of economics.


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